Solar panels – best energy saving investment

Solar power is the ultimate green energy generator, with the least environmental impact. So why don’t we power more of our homes from the sun? Until recently, the cost of buying, fitting and maintaining solar panels was prohibitive. A recent article in the Independent newspaper puts the cost of generating a watt of photo-voltaic (PV) …read more more

Council won’t collect rubbish? Call Kleencare Service!

A UK council recently blacklisted a housing estate for rubbish collection, after being warned off by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Residents were left to drag wheelie bins up to 100 yards, to a central collection point. According to an article in the¬†Daily Mail, HSE cautioned Wiltshire Council to be careful around ongoing construction …read more more

How we do it: Bin cleaning

We blitz rats, pests, infestations, bacterial infections, and other bin hazards. Our purpose built trucks will clean your bins at a convenient location for you. Here’s how we do it: 1. Hydraulic arms mounted on each truck lift your bins, and tilt them towards the jet lances and water recycling units at the rear. 2. …read more more